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voestalpine Railway Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.

voestalpine Railway Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. ist Weltmarktführer in der Weichentechnologie für Eisenbahnen, U-Bahnen und Straßenbahnen. Mit über 30 Jahren Erfahrung vor Ort sind wir stolz darauf, ganz Australien und Neuseeland zu bedienen. Unsere Werkstätten in Mackay, Queensland, und Bathurst, New South Wales, ermöglichen es uns, internationalen Erfolg mit lokaler Innovation und umfassender Kundenkenntnis zu verbinden. Dank dieser Synergie sind wir in der Lage, Produkte und Dienstleistungen von unübertroffener Fertigkeit und Qualität zu liefern. 


Kylie HUTH

Managing Director - CEO


Managing Director - COO

  • Ihr Projekt ist in guten Händen!

    voestalpine Railway Systems Australia ist Ihr One Stop Shop, wenn es um Weichen, Weichenantriebe, Schienen und technische Dienstleistungen vor Ort geht.

    Unser Vertriebsteam kümmert sich um den Erstkontakt mit unseren Kunden, erfasst deren Bedürfnisse und sorgt für einen reibungslosen und termingerechten Projektstart.

    Doch damit ist die Unterstützung noch nicht zu Ende!

    Unsere engagierten Kundenbetreuer sorgen dafür, dass Ihr Projekt wie am Schnürchen läuft, einschließlich After-Sales-Support, und bieten somit eine einzige Anlaufstelle für Ihre gesamte Interaktion mit voestalpine Railway Systems Australia.

    Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute für ein Angebot oder eine Angebotsabgabe!


  • Die Welt der Fertigung und der Materialien ist zum Greifen nah!

    Unser Supply-Chain-Team steht für beste Projektabwicklung und Terminplanung.
    Die Beschaffung von Produkten und Materialien aus der ganzen Welt unter Einhaltung engster Fristen ist für unsere Supply-Chain-Abteilung kein Problem.

    Wenn Sie Teil unserer Lieferkette werden möchten, zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu kontaktieren!


  • "If you knew all about it, it wouldn't be the leading edge" - K.H Pribram

    Das Engineering-Team von voestalpine Railway Systems Australia entwickelt sich ständig weiter, um die perfekten Lösungen für die spezifischen Anforderungen unserer Kunden zu schaffen.

    Aufgrund der Beschaffenheit der australischen Eisenbahnindustrie machen kundenspezifische Projekte und spezielle Gleisanlagen einen großen Teil unserer Produktion aus.

    Unsere Ingenieure und Konstrukteure gehören zur Spitze der Design- und Produktentwicklung in unserer Region.


    • Daniel Cuddy, Engineering Manager - Turnout Technology
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  • Dank der Single-Point-of-Contact-Architektur und der führenden Engineering- und Support-Abteilungen endet unsere Beteiligung an Ihrem Projekt nicht mit dem Einsetzen des letzten Befestigungsclips!

    Unsere Abteilung für technische Dienstleistungen steht mit Reparatur-, Wartungs- und Installationsunterstützung sowie mit Empfehlungen für Aufrüstungen und Installationen bereit. Unsere Mitarbeiter im Bereich Signaling Services bieten Service und Wartung unserer Antriebe, Verschlüsse, Überwachungseinrichtungen und Signalanlagen sowie umfangreiche Schulungspakete an.

    Durch die kontinuierliche Innovation unserer Dienstleistungen sind wir immer " One step ahead"




The most extensive and efficient portfolio of infrastructure products and services.

Partners all over the world trust in the well-founded know-how of voestalpine Railway Systems when looking for turnout systems for the highest axle loads or shortest train intervals as well as complex, individual solutions.

Preassembly of Turnouts under Factory Conditions

As track posessions become fewer the importance of turnout preassembly being on time and ready for installation becomes more critical for railway networks. The preassembly services provided by voestalpine Railway Systems Australia includes preassemby under factory conditions within a safer working environment and delivered in panels according to customer specifications in a timely manner, ready for installation.

New paths for the future

A rail infrastructure needs innovative system solutions if it is to cope with pressure. Innovation extends the available options and sets standards for future market trends. Here voestalpine combines optimized materials and geometries with cutting-edge manufacturing technology. This allows us to guarantee optimum product performance and quality for rails and turnouts.

 Integration counts

Our switching, locking and monitoring devices are fully integrated and customized, so enabling us to optimize the interface between track and signalling technology. Smart monitoring and diagnostic systems meanwhile supply relevant data for targeted maintenance operations.

  • The innovation of our entire product range is an ongoing process. The more we learn about our clients needs, the faster and more concisely our range updates!

    Due to the age of our industry, it might be simple to err on the side of "Why change when we've always done it this way?"

    Fortunately for our clients, we simply don't think that way. Innovations from our local Engineering department, complemented by a full catalogue of world wide solutions from our parent group, have been implemented and refined for the Australian marketplace and environmental conditions.

    Our latest innovations include Thick Web, Heavy Haul solutions for our mining clients, including evolution to the Switch Assemblies as well as the Swingnose Crossings, and specifically designed operating systems and machines to handle such heavy blades!

    We are continually rolling out new technologies such as the Australian designed Spherolock with Single Pressure Head for Catchpoints! Enabling the safety of our Spherolock System bolstering this tried and tested safety feature.

  • As a business we continually have to evolve, not just with the Products we produce, but down to the materials themselves.

    Over the years we have pioneered new material technologies as they have appeared, in order to produce better, tougher products which suit  our clients needs best.

    These innovations include Asymmetric Switchblade Profiles, which due to it's cross section has enabled better fastening options and greater flexibility. We also came up with Thick Web Profiles for use in our new Heavy Haul solutions and Inductive Head Hardening where the possibility of wear at the forging points are eliminated by re-hardening the material.


Our efficient track management optimizes performance and costs - fulfilling the challenges of today and tomorrow.

voestalpine Railway Systems Australia offers turnout system solutions for all applications: heavy haul, mixed traffic, metro and light railway.

 Individual solutions for different requirements

Our customers want maximum utilization levels on their routes while keeping overall costs under control. We combine our innovative products with comprehensive services, making a vital contribution to their success.

Track availability is becoming more prominent in modern railway networks. The team at voestalpine Railway Systems  Australia can ensure a safe, realiable and cost efficient solution tailor made to each customers unique oprating conditions.

Overall solutions from a single source

As a pioneer in economic (LCC) and technical (RAMS) product optimization, we combine cutting-edge technology with system expertise along the entire line. At around 50 locations worldwide, the voestalpine Railway Systems Group bundles our knowledge and provides our local customers with products and services that are tailored to their needs and offer added value. voestalpine Railway Systems Australia stands for total solutions with maximum efficiency - helping customers to gain a technological and competitive edge.

  • voestalpine Railway System Australia offers turnout systems for all applications: heavy haul, mixed traffic and light railways.

    It is our mission to optimize the railway system and to offer solutions for the complex requirements of this transport mode of the future. All our activities and developments follow, therefore, one goal: to develop innovative and intelligent products and services so that visions of today come true tomorrow.

    From the simplest, stock product, to our most complex, bespoke solutions, our Turnouts are designed to fit our clients exacting needs and are manufactured with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality.

  • Switches are available in different designs which can always be adjusted to individual requirements. High strength rail steel, state of the art manufacturing technologies and operating optimised design options like KGO are used.

    Switch types supplied by voestalpine Railway Systems Australia include:

    • Conventional Switches
    • Tangential Switches
    • Full Depth Heavy Haul Switches
    • Kinematic Gauge Optimisation (KGO) Switches

    Kinematic Gauge Optimisation (KGO)

    A system of kinematic gauge optimisation in the transition area of switches, which voestalpine Railway Systems Australia has named KGO, is a proven design which sustainably achieves improved ride comfort, improved wear behavior and extended service life. KGO’s turnout geometries, including circular arcs, higher-order curves and combined curves, result in individually tailored systems.

    Like to know more about our product range? Our Sale team would be only too happy to help!

  • Our range of crossings, in type, rail profile and size, is extremely extensive. We have a solution to fit virtually every need, and our engineering department are available to produce new designs to fit our clients exacting standards and special projects.

    We only use the best materials and fastening methods in the production of our crossings, ensuring that they not only fit the requirements in terms of specification, but also in reduced life cycle costs and maintenance requirements.

    Crossing types supplied by voestalpine Railway Systems Australia include:

    • Fabricated
    • Compound Manganese
    • Rail Bound Manganses
    • Welded Heel Rail Bound Manganese
    • Monoblock
    • Spring Wing
    • Swing Nose
    • Heavy Haul Swing Nose
  • voestalpine Railway Systems Australia can design and manufacture custom made special track work design suitable for all rail applications including:

    • Dual Gauge Turnouts
    • Crossovers and Scissors Crossovers
    • Slips
    • Diamond Crossings
    • Catchpoints
    • Expansion Switches