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UNIAS[2] Radsensor

The SIL4 approved wheel sensor UniAS[2] is a IP68-certified wheel sensor with a pluggable cable and benefits from highest resistance against influences.

The SIL4 approved wheel sensor UniAS[2] provides a pluggable cable with a new and flexible fixture method to ensure easy mounting. Inside the sensor – new solutions representing state of the art techniques.

These include a new coil arrangement, an outstanding temperature stability and variable amplification factor for the desired signal and finally a 20 mA signal to provide high immunity against disturbances emitted from the vehicles and impacts to any cable.


New Coil Arrangement

  • Improved interference immunity
  • Improved adjustment process

Enhanced Temperature Stability

  • Highest availability and reliability

Pluggable Cable

  • Advantage for mounting and service activities
  • IP68 certified
  • Plugable cable on wheel sensor and connection box side available uppon request
  • Forced by many railroad operators

20 mA Analog Signal

  • Enhanced interference immunity on cable section
  • More flexibility for switching thresholds adjustments

Variable Signal Amplification

  • Interfering signals will not be amplified
  • Multiple amplification for desired signal

Cable Outlet And Color Selectable

  • Depending on the application and customer requirements
  • Colors can be chosen freely


  • Easy mounting without drilling
  • Rail clamp optimized against vibrations and shocks
  • Suitable for allmost all rail profiles
  • Grooved Rail Installation Methods available upon request