Basics of rail road sleepers

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  • WS Academy partner of Railway Systems
  • Michelle Schönfelder
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The seminar gives an insight into the design, production, properties and use of sleepers in the railway superstructure. Different types of sleepers in track and turnouts and their rail fastening systems are shown and the effects of sleepersole on the elasticity of the track system and maintenance and economy.

Course content

  • Overview of sleeper types in turnout construction
  • Wooden and plastic sleepers
    • Materials / technical standards / possible uses and specific properties of the respective sleeper materials / inspection of sleeper drilling and platform / presentation, discussion on shown objects / shown pieces
  • Concrete sleepers
    • Overview of precast concrete parts in the railway superstructure / sleeper types including rail fastening systems / sleeper production / sleeper design, approval, testing / sleeper installation, the sleeper in the track / Other precast concrete parts in the railway superstructure / repair options
  • Soling of concrete sleepers
    • Load transfer track / types of the sole, normative basics / production - application of the sole / sole use in track - turnout / economy / practical examples