Asset management in the infrastructure system

Infrastructure System


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  • WS Academy partner of Railway Systems
  • Michelle Schönfelder
  • +43 66488 32 31 37
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The seminar conveys the basics of modern, data-based system management for the railway route. The central topics of the first block are the collection and structuring of data in a databasecompatible environment, the extraction of information about the state of the system and its deterioration, as well as the forecast-based derivation of measures. The content of the second block is shaped by the economic evaluation of various options for action, the determination of target quantities for sustainable management of the infrastructure and the comparison between available budgets and upcoming projects in terms of prioritizing measures.

Course content

  • Basics of system data
  • Structured data management
  • Measurement-based condition recording of the rail route
  • Data analysis
  • From diagnosis to prognosis
  • Statistical evaluations - global rail track behavior
  • Measure derivation - from cross section to section
  • Project evaluation - technical
  • Average behavior - the standard element approach
  • Relationship between maintenance and service life
  • Basics of economic valuation
  • Components strategies
  • Deriving strategic quantities
  • Project evaluation - economical
  • Prioritization of projects
  • Synthesis in system management