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The engineering staff of voestalpine Precision Strip WI in our site in Wisconsin has a combined more than 60 years of experience in the special niche of the precision strip steel industry, especially in the field of hardened and tempered products.
Technology -<BR>Made in United States

Steel Edge
/ Skiving

voestalpine Precision Strip WI in Pleasant Priarie performs edge conditioning through a high-speed edging process known as skiving - the successive removal of material from the edge in a series of carbide dies - resulting in a smooth "machined" edge. Skiving can be performed on one of three individual lines resulting in the ability to skive a wide range of strip dimensions and a variety of edge configurations.

The process of skiving, or machining the edge has distinct advantages over edge rolling which is a deformation and hence stress-inducing process. An additional advantage with respect to a "stress-free" edge is the fact that we edges the vast majority of its strip prior to the hardening and tempering process. This so called single-strand-hardening process results not only in a stress-free edge but also has significant positive impact on resultant strip shape (camber / twist / coil set) properties.

Following edge configurations are in standard availabale:
  • Slit edge
  • Deburred edge
  • Square edge
  • Square edge with round corners
  • Fully rounded edge
Steel Edge<BR>Conditioning<BR>/ Skiving-Standard egde configurations. Click to enlarge.
Standard egde configurations. Click to enlarge. zoom
-View on perfect skived edge. Click to enlarge.
View on perfect skived edge. Click to enlarge. zoom