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As the world’s leading supplier of high performance materials with an unique service network that ensures customers confidence, we establish sustainable performance beyond expectations for our planet and generations to come. With our integration of products, services and technical advisory we create a profound impact on our business area. Leading by example, we enable our customers to engage in sustainable initiatives while also driving our suppliers and partners to be at the cutting edge of essential transformation processes for tomorrow. Together, we inspire the change in our industries by always thinking and walking one step ahead.

our main environmental goals


Our sustainability framework inSPire is here to stay

Every transformation needs a vision. To bring that vision into action, a specific strategy and goals to drive daily operations are indispensable.

Our goals are clear, we seek to make considerable contributions in the areas of circular economy and climate impact. This is why we have developed our very own sustainability framework outlining our four focus topics and respective sustainability actions while addressing all pillars of sustainability.

our focus topics

Within our sustainability strategy, we focus on four different content pillars, connected to specific fields of action. Latter include specific initiatives and goals, leading us in our daily operations.

Material/scrap cycles, alternative raw material sources, recycling of by-products, zero waste

Decarbonization, green energy & energy efficiency

Sustainable procurement by integrating social, ethical & ecological factors

Promoting social aspects of sustainability

our values

Within our inSPire sustainability framework we live and act according to the following values shaping and leading us in our daily actions and operations


Philipp Horner

Philipp Horner

Chief Sustainability Officer
voestalpine High Performance Metals

We value sustainability as an opportunity which is why we have set ourselves ambitious targets as part of our sustainability strategy.

Philipp Horner, CSO voestalpine HPM

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HPM focuses its efforts on energy efficiency: Making full use of potential

Efficiency is a top priority for us here at the High Performance Metals (HPM) Division—and this also concerns our energy use. There is great potential here for cutting emissions and costs, as well as for promoting alternative energies.

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Energy supply of the future: Promoting environmentally friendly energy

By drawing from environmentally friendly energy supplies, we can sustainably cover large parts of the energy requirements of the High Performance Metals Division. We also aim to achieve the ambitious goal of climate neutrality by 2050. To make this possible, we are focusing on the use and promotion of green energy sources under the Climate Impact pillar of our sustainability framework inSPire.

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Decarbonization: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a positive effect on the environment

Significantly reducing our emissions is one of the High Performance Metals (HPM) Division’s explicit goals. Reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions is therefore a key area of action under the Climate Impact pillar of our inSPire sustainability framework. And a wide range of measures are bringing us closer to that goal: ambitious decarbonization roadmaps and real-world projects for greater energy efficiency, less natural gas, and an increased use of renewable energies.

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voestalpine HPM tooling solutions increase performance and reduce carbon emissions

Wherever your manufacturing business lies in the value chain, your ability to increase productivity and reduce carbon emissions are key competitive factors. In this article, we share a recent case study showing how one of our customers in the automotive industry addressed these factors by using a voestalpine Sub Insert in their high pressure die casting operation.

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Climate Impact at HPM: Our contribution to climate protection

Within the High Performance Metals (HPM) Division, the “Climate Impact” pillar is dedicated to the topic of climate protection as part of inSPire. The focus is on decarbonization through improved energy efficiency, electrification, and the use of renewable energies.

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Alternative raw material sources: The potential of batteries

In addition to steel scrap, alloy elements such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, and other alloys are essential components of our products. However, various global developments are affecting the availability of these critical raw materials. Within our sustainability framework inSPire, the High Performance Metals Division is looking for long-term ways to keep these valuable elements in the product cycle, for example by recycling grinding sludge or batteries in order to be able to meet demand in the long term.

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Recycling of by-products: “Waste” with added value

Scale, dust, and slag can be used as secondary sources of raw materials—by-products that have traditionally been seen as waste often contain valuable resources. At HPM, we have long been committed to recycling the by-products from our production sites and reintegrating them into the value chain. The inSPire Circular Economy team is working to develop this topic further across several projects. In this article, we take a look behind the scenes.

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Closing the loop with circular Economy

The concept of the circular economy with a closed material and energy cycle replaces the traditional linear economy. At the High Performance Metals Division, we have set ourselves the goal of consistently implementing this model under inSPire in our business processes, for example through projects to further develop material and scrap cycles and to recycle end-of-life (EOL) tools.

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Circular Economy in the HPM Division: From waste to value

Efficient recycling of resources has long been a major concern for us. For this reason, the circular economy represents a key field of action, which we would like to develop further as one of the four supporting pillars in our sustainability framework inSPire.

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Teamwork makes the dream work - Part 2

In our sustainability framework inSPire, we highly value teamwork. Our committed pillar teams actively contribute to knowledge sharing and collaboration. Read part 2 now to find out more about our colleagues responsible for Social Impact and Sustainable Sourcing.

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Teamwork makes the dream work - Part 1

In our sustainability framework inSPire, we highly value teamwork. Our committed pillar teams actively contribute to knowledge sharing and collaboration. Find here the first team portraits for Circular Economy and Climate Impact.

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Sustainability with real value

Creating a sustainability framework is one thing. Filling it with life and integrating it into everyday work is another. Authentic values and impactful projects help make this approach a success.

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inSPire is here to stay

We are on a mission. A mission we pursue with deep conviction and commitment: We strive for long-lasting performance that meets the needs of our planet and future generations. inSPire offers the framework and inspiration for this.

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Sustainable performance inSPires

At the High Performance Metals (HPM) Division, we believe that true sustainability transformation starts from within. This means we set out to inspire with our actions.

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Uddeholm receives award

Schaeffler AG awards Uddeholm Germany with the supplier award “sustainability”.

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Shaping the world

Our subsidiary Uddeholm is manufacturing solutions for generations to come.

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Driving innovation

Sustainability strategy and actions taken at voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl.

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Taking responsibility seriously

International environmental and social initiatives on voestalpine group level.

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