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voestalpine cares run

Together as a voestalpine team

We’re on the move together, supporting a good cause with the voestalpine cares run. From April 15, 2023 until July 2023, our employees weren’t just doing something for their health, they also helped people in need. We helped to change the world, by running, walking, hiking, wheelchair driving, or handcycling, all around the world, and collected digital “cares” along the way. It was not about achieving record times or going the longest distance. It was about everyone coming together to help make a difference.

Step by step, voestalpine donations were released for charitable purposes. That means we are all contributing to creating a sustainable and better world—not just through our products, but also by supporting international aid projects.

Herbert Eibensteiner

Congratulations and thanks to all employees who participated in such large numbers! With the voestalpine cares run, voestalpine has once again fulfilled its social responsibility.
The campaign has shown what we can achieve as a voestalpine team when we join forces worldwide. Our employees can be proud of having made the world a little bit better with their active contribution.

CEO Herbert Eibensteiner

What we have achieved

cares run

With each sporting activity, the cares circles gradually filled up. Each circle represents a donation stage and a specific donation amount. The money is distributed to selected charitable projects.

The concept

Start: April 15, 2023

The voestalpine cares run started on April 15, 2023 and ran through to July 2023.

Our goal

To get as many employees as possible to take part, to release the maximum donation.

International aid projects

The donations go to selected charitable projects.

Projects we support

Emergency aid for families in need

Austrian Red Cross individual emeregency aid program

As part of the Austrian Red Cross individual emergency aid program, families in emergency situations near Austrian voestalpine companies are provided with fast and immediate assistance.

Back to school: Digital Learning Center

Digital Learning Center

Millions of children are displaced within Ukraine. UNICEF wants to use this program to give children access to education through digital learning opportunities.

Unicef Blue Dots in Romania

Unicef Blue Dots

Most of the refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine are women and children. UNICEF is on the ground with Blue Dots centers, providing protection, basic care, and health care.

Emergency aid for earthquake victims

Earchquake victims Turkey Syria

In times of greatest need, it is vital to react quickly and in the best interest of the people: the voestalpine Group has donated EUR 300,000 to specific projects run by UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and Hilfswerk International in the form of a comprehensive emergency aid package for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.