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#OurFavoriteThings by Manuel — the sample preparer.

#OurFavoriteThings by Manuel — the sample preparer.

Manuel is full of energy, infecting everyone with his optimism, enthusiasm, and drive. But when the job requires, he is calmness personified. Manuel examines codes, carefully checking correlations.

Auf dem Bild sieht man Zerspanungstechniker Manuel sympathisch in die Kamera lächeln.
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Manuel inspires and does not take much persuading. That made him a clear choice when it came to filming for #OurFavoriteThings. In our brand campaign promotional film, he is seen with his colleagues at the plant in Linz, near the testing center, his place of work.

Manuel removes small rectangular cut-outs from a large piece of sheet metal, which the laser cutter has cut out.

Manuel is a machining technician and prepares samples from the hot-dip galvanizing and electrolytic galvanizing lines, and other production areas, for thorough testing. During series production, a sample is taken from each coil and prepared in a trough trailer at the collection sites. Manuel’s workplace in the cutting area at the new testing center is light and welcoming, and located right by the main entrance to the plant in Linz.

Piece by piece for optimum quality

Working the five-shift days that suit him so well, he starts twice at 5:30 a.m., twice at 1:30 p.m., and twice at 9:30 p.m. He prepares the samples for testing at the measuring and marking station or the laser cutter. He scans the barcode or QR code attached to each plate so that the system knows where to take the test samples from that will be used to assess the plate’s tensile, chemical, or bending properties. The information about each sample is incised directly into the prospective test samples at the marking station, with the laser cutter doing the rest.

Manuel’s work requires precision and technical know-how, because sometimes the layout of the testing samples on the test plate as suggested by the system is simply not suitable for the tests in question. Where this is the case, he corrects the data on the marking station and defines new positions on the test plate.

The work is just right for me. - Quite simply, care is taken to ensure our wellbeing

Manuel M.
machining technician

My working day makes me “enjoy going to work,” he says. He also appreciates the collegial atmosphere in the team, his pleasantly designed workplace, the well-equipped break rooms, and the way work processes are organized to be safe.

look for a job you enjoy, and then give it your all.

Manuel M.
machining technician

…is his advice for interested youngsters. To Manuel that means making an effort and learning continuously. And sometimes you just have to take a risk and follow your gut instinct.

#OurFavoriteThings—what inspires Manuel:

  • Shift work
  • Respect from colleagues, managers, and the company
  • Team spirit

Strength lies in calmness and knowledge

When not at work, Manuel likes working on bikes. None of his bikes keep their standard equipment for long and he is even adventurous enough to build his own. He simply likes to know how things work. He has swapped photography for target shooting. Here, too, he needs a good eye, and to be calm before pulling the trigger. That’s how you hit the bullseye.

Imagekampagne #OurFavoriteThings

Energy, greentec steel, training, sustainability, and innovation—and above all, the people: that’s the focus of our new brand campaign. The campaign moves away from datasheets demonstrating our technical competence to the true stories of the voestalpine workforce—the employees who play a key role in the company’s success as part of the voestalpine team. They explain what inspires and moves them—our favorite things.

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