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Seamless squaring the circle

VTS®-edgeTubes are seamless square and rectangular hollow sections that are primarily used in agriculture, constructions, mechanical engineering and mobility.

Discover the world of seamless hot-rolled hollow sections from voestalpine Tubulars and experience quality, reliability and innovation at first hand.

voestalpine Tubulars has many years of experience in the production of seamless round tubes and stands for quality, flexibility and safety. We will thus be able to produce hot-rolled seamless square and rectangular hollow sections up to 20 mm wall thickness. 

Technical data:

  • Square: 40 x 40 to 170 x 170 mm

  • Rectangular: 50 x 30 to 200 x 100 mm

  • Wall thickness: up to 20 mm (>20 mm on request)

  • Corner radius: Ra ≤ 1,6T

  • Lengths: 6.000 mm to 14.000 mm

  • Standards: EN 10210

  • Steel grades: S235 to S890 (further steel grades on request)

Product features:

Tighter corner radius

  • Ra ≤ 1,6T

Defined design of outside corner

  • Due to seamless hot-rolling process

Larger cross-sectional areas

  • Due to tighter corner radius
  • Enables wide range of applications

Excellent weldability

  • Less welding filler required

No weld seam

  • Due to seamless hot-rolling process
  • No mechanical weak point

Superior load-bearing capacity

  • Larger spans possible

Homogeneous structure

  • Due to seamless hot-rolling process

Weight minimisation

  • Due to the availability of high-strength steel grades
  • While maintaining load-bearing capacity

Customer benefits:

  • Geometric advantages
  • Consistent and reliable mechanical properties
  • Superior load-bearing capacity
  • No weld seam
  • Higher vibration resistance
  • Surface structure
  • Weight saving due to high-strength steel grades
  • Customised intermediate dimensions
  • Wide range of applications
  • Great opportunities for further processing

Product Solutions

Mechanical Engineering

Standards and quality testing methods

  • EN 10210 - hot-finished hollow sections for structural steelwork made of unalloyed structural steels

    • EN 10210-1 -> unalloyed structural steels and fine-grained structural steels (up to S460)
    • EN 10210-2 -> Limit dimensions, dimensions and static values
    • EN 10210-3 -> Higher strength steels (S460 bis S960)

    CE marking in accordance with Directive 93/66/EWG

    EU Construction Products Directive (89/106/EWG)

  • Visual inspection

    • Surface
    • Straightness
    • Twisting
    • Height/width/length
    • Corner radius
    • Squareness
    • Curvature
    • Concavity/convexity

    Chemical analysis

    • Melt analysis
    • Optimal piece analysis

    Destructive testing

    • Tensile testing
    • Impact test according to standard
  • Automatic geometry measurement

    • In hot and cold condition
    • Measurement over the entire pipe length

    Destructive testing

    • Hardness testing on request

    Accredited testing center

New Sales Office

We have opened a new sales office in Düsseldorf, which is primarily responsible for supporting European customers in the hollow section segment.