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Our sustainable product solutions at a glance!

What are our "Renewables"

Renewables play a decisive role in sustainable energy supply, especially in the field of Geothermal and Hydrogen technology. These renewable resources offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional energy sources, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy captures and harnesses the natural heat within the earth for electrical power and power heating systems. This sustainable approach helps to generate clean energy without having a harmful impact on the environment. By supporting geothermal projects, countries can diversify their energy sources while minimising their carbon footprint.

Hydrogen technology

Another important aspect of renewable energies is hydrogen. Hydrogen is considered as promising energy source of the future because it only produces water vapour during combustion and causes no harmful emissions. This clean fuel can be used in various areas and contribute significantly to decarbonisation.

All in all, renewable energies, whether geothermal or hydrogen technology, contribute to sustainable energy production. This is crucial to meeting the global challenges of climate change and guarantee the future energy supply for generations to come.

Environmental Performance

The company's environmental performance should be mentioned in connection with "Renewables". 

At our site in Kindberg, we are increasingly focusing on a sustainable energy portfolio, using various renewable energy sources. 

These include 

  • Photovoltaics - Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the buildings 
  • Hydropower - Two hydropower facilities on the site 
  • Wind power - A wind park was opened near voestalpine Tubulars, which supplies the plant with energy
  • District heating - The waste heat from the rotary hearth furnace is fed into the district heating network of the town of Kindberg