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Together we succeed!

Let’s get started together! Under #preparedfortheworldafter we will present answers to your challenges.

Because together we are strong!

With our best-in-class products and your trust, we are successful together!
In the recent months, we have been working intensively on many projects in order to move forward into a strong future together with our employees and customers.

Volume 5

In Volume 5 of #preparedfortheworldafter we show you with which products and measure we improve the world of our customers and employees!

Are you looking for the perfect solution for slime well designs? With VAF, we offer the optimal product for this application. We celebrate a milestone with the release of the new Proprietary Grades catalog: 13CR grades have been added to our product portfolio.
We are more than ready for extreme conditions with our new premium thread connection VAsuperior®-ET. We care about the future and take social responsibility with our sustainable measures

Volume 4

In Volume 4 of #preparedfortheworldafter we show you with which products and services we are changing the world! PexTec®is the smart solution for unlimited runtime: a plastic pipe is used to line the steel pipe, thus reducing wear and abrasion, also saving costs. Also discover our product solutions that ensure the integrity of a well (so-called "Well Integrity"). We help our customers to meet their own sustainability goals with DryTec® and enable safe, long-lasting use with the support of our customer service.

Are you already #preparedfortheworldafter?

Volume 3

Volume 3 is all about sustainability and what we and the voestalpine Group are contributing to it. For example, you will find out what greentec steel stands for and which facilities are behind. We also give you an overview of our social responsibility and our compliance rules. The way to a sustainable future also includes sustainable logistics solutions - as we already live it! 

Volume 2

Future matters – this is why Volume 2 starts with DryTec® and how this product helps you protecting the environment and saving costs. We present the advantage of our mini steel mill and let you know everything about our tunneling and minig pipes. Explore why customers buy at voestalpine Tubulars and also find out some magic news in our product portfolio!

Volume 1

In volume 1 you find out why the new CC4 continuous caster makes even purer steels possible, why the highest torque in the industry for wedge type connections is useful for you, and what the 13CR and P5 and P9 steel grades stand for.

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