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Together we thrive: The better together project

2 April 2024 | 

With the "better together" cultural project, we at voestalpine Tubulars want to promote respectful interaction with our employees and ensure increased employee satisfaction.

Shaping Change Through Our Culture Project

“Inspired by insights from the voestalpine employee survey in Fall 2022, we identified areas where we could further elevate employee satisfaction," explains Georg Egger from Health Management.

Pioneering Diversity and Work-Life Balance

In response to evolving dynamics, voestalpine Tubulars acknowledges the impact of COVID-19 on social fabric and the emergence of a younger generation with differing expectations of work climate and corporate culture. Themes like diversity and work-life balance now take center stage, presenting new challenges – a transformation that our culture project is poised to address.

Georg Egger and Eva Seidl

Neutral Perspectives for Sustainable Change

„It was essential for us to enlist external support for this project to gain neutral perspectives, ensuring the implementation of effective measures," says Eva Seidl, HR Manager.

Zulehner Consulting was chosen to collaboratively define our objectives. "Our aim is to enhance our company's culture of respect, strengthen employee engagement and satisfaction, and bolster our attractiveness as an employer," Eva Seidl adds.

The collective voices: From 61 Interviews to 1688 Comments

To achieve this, 61 interviews were initially conducted using a questionnaire consisting of 20 questions. Both managers and employees from almost all operational areas and reporting levels were interviewed. This resulted in a considerable 1,688 comments, from which initial measures were ultimately derived.

myTubulars Magazine: Fostering Dialogue and Connection

As part of our initiatives, we introduced the myTubulars magazine to enhance communication with our employees. Additionally, in 2023, we celebrated our first employee event, emphasizing togetherness and sociability. We are currently finalizing medium and long-term measures that have a lasting effect and a positive long-term impact on the company.

Satisfied employees are the key to a positive working atmosphere and an attractive company.