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Our plant in Kindberg (Austria) produces seamless tubular products with an outside diameter up to 193.7 millimeters (7 5/8 inches). The maximum capacity of our hot pipe production, Industrial Pipe finishing department, OCTG (oil country tubular goods) finishing department, production line for automotive products, coupling shop and threading plant operations is around 420,000 mtons a year. The products are of unalloyed or medium-alloyed steel, manufactured to all international standards.

voestalpine Tubulars transforms a massive steel billet into a tube in three forming steps. These steps take place in:

  • Pipe rolling mill
  • OCTG finishing line
  • Industrial Pipe finishing line

Production data measurements in real time provide possibilities for detection of manufacturing failures before they occur.

Detailed information about our production steps can be found in the video below

Standard program

The standard program includes:

  • Oil Country Tubular Goods for the production and exploration of oil and gas
  • Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes for various industries
  • Pressure tubing and Line Pipe for the transport of fluids
  • Tubes for mining and tunneling
  • Tubes for the automotive industry 
  • Hollows for redrawing

Special program

The special program includes:

  • Proprietary gas-tight premium connections
  • Casing and tubing that are resistant to sour gas
  • Pipe for low temperature applications  (down to -60° C)
  • Pup joints, Crossovers and other  Accessories

After the production

We have not finished our job after the production of pipe. To develop our products we make test on finished pipes to increase quality and properties.

For customers of our oil and gas products we offer a special customers service with premium connections trainings and pipe inspections. We have over 20 licensed repair shops for our products.

More about the topics quality and customer service can be found in the links below: