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Visual Detection and Monitoring

The condition analysis of rail vehicles and the visual support of maintenance personnel (especially wagon inspectors) is an increasingly important economic and safety factor. The detection of missing bolts or the measurement of wheel and brake wear in combination with precise wagon/container identification helps to optimize processes and save costs. To support this, the Visual Train Analysis function (VTA) was developed. Using low-maintenance industrial cameras, defective components can be detected at an early stage, allowing the utilization of wagons and tracks to be optimized through preventive measures. Consistent quality is ensured during the day and at night by infrared light sources that are invisible to the human eye, so that there is no interference on or beside the track. Due to the well-known modular design of the zentrak system, VTA is able to complement and visually support already existing systems, significantly increasing the value of the checkpoint for the customer. A wide range of additional visual functions is available for this purpose.

Possible detection functions include

  • UIC number recognition
  • QR code and data matrix code capture
  • Inspection/revision data detection
  • Determination of the rim thickness
  • Panorama images and much more

In addition, new use cases are constantly being defined and the functions are being further developed accordingly - also using machine learning methods.


  • Image recording during day and night
  • No influence of train traffic due to infrared lighting
  • Modular design for a wide range of application scenarios
  • Easily expandable
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully integrated into the zentrak Modular Diagnostic System such as zentrak Wheel Defect Detection (WDD) and zentrak Weighing In Motion (WIM)
  • No influence on track maintenance

Technical Specifications:

Train speed: 1km/h up to 120km/h
IP protection class IR Flashes: IP66
IR Flashes: 850nm (invisible)
Temperature range: -20° - +50°C
Distances to rail:

Bogie: 2,50m – 4,00m

Waggon side: 4,00m – 8,00m