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zentrak Profile Validation System

The zentrak Profile Validation System is used for the allocation of measurement data to the correct carriage and wheelsets.

Train Profile Surveillance

Slipped loads due to improper fastening or travelling vibrations of train vehicles are major issues in railway transport. Objects sticking out of a train's reference profile can cause serious injury to persons and can lead to extensive damage to railway infrastructure.
The PVS is designed to detect reference profile violations on passing train vehicles. This precise and reliable surveillance system protects persons and railway infrastructure and avoids accidents with passing trains. Event based image recording allows the operator to verify the alarm and identify the severity of the profile violation.

Phoenix MDS Profile Validation System


  • Safety management of railway operations
  • Human and asset protection
  • Surveillance of train reference profile
  • Alarming at violation of reference profile
  • Horizontal and vertical clearance gauge verification
  • Customer specific definition of reference profile
  • No sensor installation near rail necessary
  • Maintenance during train operations
  • Object recognition for train speed up to 250km/h
  • Event image recording at day and night