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The compact electro-hydraulic point machine – serves to switch vignol rail turnouts independently from types or gauges with an external lock for urban and long-distance traffic. It is made up of an electro-hydraulic point operating unit, a detection module for monitoring the final positions of the tongues, which also locks the tongue detectors, and connections to an external lock and the interlocking system.


  • Compatible with various interlocking systems
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Slim-fit design => perfect for installations in tunnels
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Can replace existing point machines like for like
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Customized solutions
  • Applicable for all turnout types and movable point frogs
  • Maximum safety, reliability and availability, even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Little weight (<100 kg)
  • A system approved according to CENELEC 50126/50129

Redefined performance. With its powerful electro-hydraulic drive, ECOSTAR is able to guarantee a smooth movement of switch rails as well as movable point frogs. Depending on the type, the point machine can be designed as a trailable or nontrailable version. An innovative and slim-fit construction design allows installation in hollow steel sleepers, enabling fully automated tamping.

Due to its independence of the interlocking system and the possibility of manual operation, the point machine is ideally suited for retrofitting or modernizing existing switching machines in the track. The point machine ECOSTAR can be combined with a wide variety of locking systems, end position detectors and force transmission systems and, in combination with other Signaling components, results in a perfectly aligned setting system.

Technical characteristics of ECOSTAR point machines with external lockings:

Designation  Value / Type
Weight (without connecting parts)  85 kg
Stroke  120 to 240 mm
Turnout opening  74 to 180 mm
Reversing force  infinitely variable from 3 to 9 kN
Retaining force   trailable – infinitely variable from12 kN
 non-trailable - permanently set (> 30 kN)
Ambient temperature  -40 °C to +80°C
Degree of protection  IP54, IP67
Power supply   110V to 400V AC
 24V to 220V DC