Since Boehler and Uddeholm fused in the 1990s, precision strip steel for the precision strip group has also been produced in Sweden, at the Munkfors mill. The general product focus there is on particularly thin strips, e.g. for razor blades or flapper valves. To achieve and maintain the high level of quality and precision required for the production of such strip steels, our employees can draw on decades of experience in thin strip production and metallurgy. The myth of “Swedish steel” is alive.

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Travel Details

Travel by car from Karlstad Airport to Production Site Munkfors:
Highway 61 direction to Karlstad for 6 km.
Recommended Exit: Hagfors on Highway 62 follow this route for 55 km then in Munkfors. Turn left to the production site. Address: Uddeholmsvägen 20, Munkfors

Travel by car from Karlstad Airport to Sales office in Karlstad:
Highway 61 direction Karlstad for 10 km then you enter Motorway E18 for 5 km then turn right to “Centrum” Karlstad. Address Sales office; Drottninggatan 40, Karlstad,
Input GPS navigation system:
Production site Munkfors, Uddeholmsvägen 20
59°50′40.5"N 13°32′59.2"E
Sales Office Karlstad, Drottninggatan 40
59°22′46.1"N 13°29′38.1"E


From Karlstad Airport to Production site Munkfors = app. 45 min
From Karlstad Airport to Sales office Karlstad = app. 15 min
From Sales office Karlstad to Production site Munkfors = app. 50 min