The headquarter of voestalpine Precision Strip is located in Boehlerwerk in Lower Austria, approximately 150km from Vienna. At this location we have been producing special strip steel for the international market for more than 150 years.
In 2011 we invested in a completly new green field production site in Kematen an der Ybbs. At this 70.000m² production site we focus mainly on strip steel for saws.

Production Site in Kematen / Ybbs

  • On state-of-the-art hardening lines for coils up to 24kg/mm with homogeneous and stress free metallurgical structure - newest technology meets decades of metallurgical know-how.
  • In Kematen we handle coils with a specific coil weight up to 24kg/mm and a width of max. 650mm. This results in efficiency and flexibility as well.
  • The view into the buliding shows the size of the mill. The building with high heights and 280 wooden composite lumber and a lot of light is the perfect stage for the work with high precision strip steels.
  • The heart of Kematen - the cold rolling mill. Power of many tons meets precision tolerances in µm-range - for us this is no contradiction.
  • Perfect hardening technology - our H²-Jet is one of the most modern equipment for the hardening of strip steel - and this completely without metal fluid.
  • Metal fluid hardening lines for the hardening of strip steel up to 650mm, especially for stone and wood saw steel.