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Our stainless steel expertise: consistent quality through unique know-how

As a subsidiary of voestalpine AG, we have an outstanding position: we are one of only very few manufacturers who are able to produce cold-rolled special sections of stainless steel in outstanding top quality and who are able to meet the challenges of this material in a special way. We benefit from our expertise in many ways:

Challenge: input material

In the production of high quality precision profiles, the demand for quality begins with the choice of selected and approved suppliers. The European or German origin of primary material and profiles can therefore be documented at any time with a long-term supplier's declaration – and a corresponding acceptance test certificate in accordance with EN 10204-3.1 can also be ordered. In this way we ensure that no surface defects or cutting burrs render the end products unusable. This also guarantees a constant chemical composition.

Challenge: mould design

Due to the material properties, the processing of the precious and valuable raw material requires a special design of the tools in construction and tool making. It should be noted that stainless steel requires significantly more deformation steps than normal steel. That is why our tools have finer surfaces and special, high-quality coatings for first-class end products and cutting burrs. Our proven expertise pays off especially in tool design.

Challenge: slides

To protect the high-quality stainless steel surface, many customers insist on the foiling of the precision profiles. This poses a challenge for production and storage that we master with ease - both in cutting tools and in the design of slit strips and cassettes. Good to know: In contrast to many of our competitors, we are able to produce and store even the most sensitive surfaces without foiling thanks to our many years of experience and special tool competence. This makes the end product cheaper in several respects while maintaining excellent surface quality. Talk to us about it!

Challenge: machine design

The cleanliness of the machines plays an essential role in the processing of stainless steel. In order to avoid surface damage, the steel strapping must be able to run safely through the cassette system. Here too, we can guarantee an outstanding end product with special roller concepts as well as filter systems and special emulsions. The corresponding safety data sheets as well as technical data sheets for our rolling emulsions and foils can be provided on request.

Challenge: logistics

In logistics, too, we at voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH are a prime example of how sustainable and integrated a modern supply chain can be. By means of special packaging concepts and fixed contract carriers, we ensure that the first-class surface quality of our precision profiles always reaches customers absolutely safely.

In short: True to the slogan of our parent company, we are always a decisive step ahead of the industry in the processing of this special material thanks to our stainless steel competence centre! Talk to us about it!