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Our supply chain management

Particularly the integration into a globally operating group of companies requires supply chain management of the highest quality. Because, the supply chain of our company is one of our most important assets. This begins with the establishment of a proven and experienced network of suppliers and continues seamlessly through procurement, harmonious production processes and excellent logistics. At voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH we are therefore able to say that we have truly geared our supply chain management to the needs of our customers.

Cooperation in partnership and the willingness of all those involved in the process to work towards continuous improvement play a decisive role. Furthermore, where long-term business relationships and close contacts with suppliers exist, the foundation for transparency in the supply chain has already been laid. That is a fact our partners are aware of and appreciate. In addition, we have developed procedures to record the sustainability of the supply chain in a structured manner and to ensure it by means of suitable measures.

If you have any questions about our Supply Chain Management, please do not hesitate to contact us!