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Special profiles for various different industries

As a subsidiary of one of the most successful European steel groups, our precision profiles have proven their worth in many different industries. In addition to the main industries such as vehicle construction, building services and electrical engineering or LINUS vineyard poles, our profiles are also repeatedly used in industries that are new to us. Thanks to our many years of experience and outstanding competence in the processing of stainless steel, we are able to provide convincingly fast and precise results. In addition, as a worldwide network of independent specialists, we can bring the right minds and skills to the table for every project, thus also contributing to the market advantage of customers from new industries. So talk to us about your requirements for which you can expect only the best results.

Our special profiles - fast and furious

An interesting example of a project from outside of our main focus industries is a special profile that we produced for shipbuilding. Thanks to our experience from other industries, we were able to quickly implement a viable concept for a special stainless steel profile. It is important to know that when choosing the right material, the individual requirements always count. For example, if the component is exposed to wind and weather or even aggressive chemicals, the material stainless steel can meet these requirements in an excellent way. Compared with most non-alloy steels, it has significantly higher mechanical properties and much better corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is therefore not only the first choice in shipbuilding, but is also preferred in the chemical and food industries, in kitchen, furniture and bathroom construction as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical sector. In short: No matter which special profile you need, please contact us to discuss your requirements!