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Precision profiles for the electrical industry

As a proven partner, we supply a range of first-class products to various companies in the electrical industry - whether as frame profiles in switch cabinets, as cable routing or as conductor rails. With strip widths from 8.5 mm and wall thicknesses from 0.3 to 4 mm as well as lengths from 50 mm to 14 m, we can deal with an exceptionally comprehensive processing spectrum. Incidentally: Many of our customers gain the advantage of being able to purchase raw materials at stable conditions at lower prices through framework agreements and the production of larger quantities. We are in a position to stock pre-material and finished profiles for our customers and deliver them to customers in the specified packaging units and shapes. Just-in-time and of course also in reusable packaging and customer-owned containers. Talk to us about it!

Our range of services

  • Special hat profiles for switch boxes
  • Frame profiles for switch cabinet construction
  • Profiles as lamp bodies
  • Construction profiles in cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Fastening profiles in wind turbines

Cold rolling instead of bending

In addition to our demand for first-class products, we also benefit from our long experience in the field of building services engineering in the electrical industry. This is where we are able to achieve a cost-effective and efficient production by cold rolling the steel profiles, which replaces conventional bending. Our engineers use a so-called "flower" to develop a tool with which a prototype is produced. Further cost and time savings are guaranteed by the inline finishing steps such as pre-punching and flying punching. A further advantage is that our innovative machinery allows us to plan our capacities very flexibly.

Consistent and high quality

Due to a special detail in the manufacturing process we are able to preserve the sensitive surfaces of the profiles without damaging them. Therefore, the visible surfaces of the stainless steel profiles can be protected against possible impairments during cold rolling, transport or installation by means of full or partial protective foiling. In this way we guarantee our customers maximum and above all consistent quality. In addition: What is normally done on upstream and downstream machines is provided in-line by voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH. Pre-punching, punching, embossing or marking as well as applying inkjet labels to the finished products – all that is done directly within our production line. This results in a considerable time advantage and much more precise processing.