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oneIT EVENT 2023

18 August 2023 | 

The oneIT EVENT 2023 was all about YOU, WE, oneIT! Over 700 employees of voestalpine group-IT and other IT areas in the Group sparked a great team spirit over two days!

From 28 to 29 June 2023, the extraordinary oneIT EVENT took place in Linz and Freistadt. Over 700 colleagues from 18 different nations were there!

After the official kick-off on Wednesday at 2 pm, various Open Spaces started. The interactive presentations served to exchange experiences on specific IT projects and topics within the voestalpine Group. Visits to the Stahlwelt, the Zeitgeschichte Museum and the voestalpine group-IT Service Desk including Data Center as well as plant tours provided additional, interesting insights. To round off the first day of the event in a fitting manner, all event participants met in the evening at the Sandburg, in the center of Linz on Donaulände.

After the Open Spaces on the second day of the event, the participants were taken by shuttle service to the Freistadt exhibition hall. There, numerous highlights awaited the visitors, such as a graffiti station, an oversized ball pool, a drone flight course, a gaming area, the live barber, photo boxes, a giant human wuzzler and much more. Perfect to (experience) the new team spirit together.