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Looking ahead

Changes and global crises impact the development of the voestalpine Group. They require us to react fast and stay flexible. Furthermore, the number of cyberattacks is constantly on the rise. Naturally, the continually changing conditions for the Group’s business operations also entail marked consequences for IT.

In order to best prepare for new challenges, we need to strengthen our Corporate IT. One thing is certain: We can only accomplish this together, as one IT.

Markus Schaal (CIO of the voestalpine Group) on IT in the Group

Together with the many highly qualified employees at voestalpine, we will be able to take digitalization and IT to a whole new level.

Markus Schaal (CIO of the voestalpine Group) on IT in the Group

voestalpine group-IT as part of Group-wide IT

Going forward, we will collaborate even more closely with Corporate IT and the IT Management in voestalpine’s divisions. On the one hand, this will allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of the Group’s business processes and to flexibly and efficiently adapt our services to the needs of the various companies. 

On the other hand, we will continue to evolve as a company and to structure our organization in line with the business processes of the voestalpine Group. As we simplify and standardize platforms, processes, and tools, our new corporate culture is slowly taking shape.

Together, we are creating an inspirational environment that allows all of us to consistently push boundaries and to outdo ourselves.

Today, in 2023, we are still at the beginning of this journey.

Go this way with us.

Our future is enshrined in our history.

From a multitude of small IT departments spread throughout the entire Group, to an independent and international organization employing a staff of more than 850.

    • The year 2003 marked our beginning as an independent company within the voestalpine Group: All in-house IT departments within the Group were combined into a single entity: voestalpine Informationstechnologie GmbH. Under the leadership of Managing Directors Franz Gotthart and Brigitte Althuber, this company employed a staff of 371, spread across various locations in Linz, Donawitz, Krems, and Bruck an der Mur.
    • In 2005, Gerhard Haslebner succeeded Brigitte Althuber as Managing Director.
    • In 2007, voestalpine Informationstechnologie GmbH expanded, adding a new location in Zeltweg.
    • In 2008, voestalpine AG took over Böhler Uddeholm AG and, with it, Intesy Business & IT Solutions GmbH. In the wake of this acquisition, the IT companies of both enterprises were consolidated: Intesy Business & IT Solutions GmbH and voestalpine Informationstechnologie GmbH were merged into today’s voestalpine group-IT GmbH. This consolidation also led to the establishment of our first international locations. 590 employees in Brazil, Germany, Sweden, and Austria were now working under the Managing Directors Franz Gotthart, Gerhard Haslebner, and Günter Kirsch.
    • Following the consolidation into the voestalpine group-IT GmbH, a first international team event was held in Linz under the motto: “Plan-Build-Run”
    • In 2010, voestalpine group-IT returned to being led by a team of only two Managing Directors: Franz Gotthart and Günter Kirsch.
    • In 2013, the incumbent Managing Director Rainer Jagoutz assumed the role of Technical Managing Director, while Franz Gotthart left the company. On the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary in 2013, a big party was held at Tabakfabrik Linz, with around 400 employees attending the celebrations.
    • 2014 marked another step toward a greater international presence: voestalpine group-IT in Germany expanded, adding a site in Bunschoten, in the Netherlands.
    • In 2015, voestalpine group-IT already had 639 employees worldwide.
    • In 2016, voestalpine group-IT was infused with a new spirit:

    together - worldwide - fast

    • By establishing a branch office in Suzhou in China, we gained a foothold in another part of the globe.
    • In 2020, voestalpine group-IT was faced with a special challenge, namely, to adapt the entire voestalpine Group to work from home within a very short timeframe. In spite of it all, we succeeded in transitioning to “pandemic workdays” with flying colors in no time.
    • In 2022, Markus Grabner, the former Managing Director of voestalpine group-IT in Germany, relocated to Austria in order to take over Günter Kirsch’s agenda. The month of May marked the first time after the Covid-19 pandemic that we were able to hold an event for our employees. About 500 attendees were overjoyed to finally meet each other again in person.
    • By 2023, our headcount had already risen to 866, and counting: In order to take IT to an even higher level within the voestalpine Group, we have intensified our collaboration with Group-wide IT.