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Combine work experience and education

Are you currently attending a high school, college, or university, and would you like to gain some hands-on work experience? If this is the case, why don’t you browse our entry-level job opportunities for school and university students and reflect on the best match for you and your personal situation. Generally, all entry-level positions have to do with IT and administrative tasks.

Hannah (Law student) works in Human Resource Management

What I like most about my job is the variety of tasks and activities I can take on here. I work with many different teams and also the management.

Hannah (Law student) works in Human Resource Management

Ferialjob und Praktika

During the summer months, we usually employ between 15 and 30 summer jobbers for periods of one to two months. We also offer the option of longer internships or mandatory internships of more than two months (e.g., to students from IT schools, technical schools, universities of applied sciences, etc.).

Part-timing with Study & Work

This entry-level option will be of particular interest to you if you are a student who would like to directly apply the theoretical knowledge obtained at university in a practical context. We offer you a flexible start to your workday, and you are also free to choose your weekly time-load (from 8-25 hours), in consultation with us. This way, we want to support you in your studies in the best possible way and grant you the necessary flexibility.


Would you like to write your thesis in collaboration with voestalpine group-IT? We regularly offer opportunities for theses in various areas of IT (such as infrastructure, applications, or cybersecurity). You will receive qualified support and be given the chance to link up theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Inspire us with your idea, and send us your application!

Silke (student of economics) is primarily responsible for the website as a student trainee

Since I have started to work here alongside my studies, my tasks have become increasingly varied: researching how to design the website (available design tools, viewing options, image and video design, etc.), helping to plan various activities such as photoshoots for new images on the website, preparing content (projects, company history, etc.), and conducting interviews with testimonials.

Silke (student of economics) is primarily responsible for the website as a student trainee