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Off to a strong start in Germany, the Netherlands, or Sweden:

Would you like to work for an attractive employer who not only offers you a pleasant work environment, but also flexibility and a great work-life balance?

In that case, voestalpine group-IT in Germany, the Netherlands, or Sweden is where you want to be!

Here, you will not only be valued and supported, but you can also benefit from our comprehensive range of career options and hone your professional skills. Plus, there are many other extra perks such as competitive remuneration, company pension plans, health benefits, and events.

Best of all, you will work with state-of-the-art technologies and have the chance to use innovative work methods. And if you would like to dedicate yourself to a social cause, the company also supports non-profit organizations. Working with us will allow you to unlock your full potential!

Jobs with benefits

In addition to your salary, we offer you many extra benefits such as an employee share ownership plan. Weekly fruit baskets and free coffee provide you with instant energy in your day-to-day work.

Working at the office or from home, or both: the choice is yours. Our employees benefit from a family-friendly and generous flextime model with no core hours.

The development of our employees is important to us. We offer them internal and external training programs, language courses, and annual reviews. We support every one of our employees in unlocking their full potential.

How to apply

There are several ways to apply for a job with us. One option is to respond to a specific job vacancy posting on the company website or online job portals. There, applicants can electronically submit their application documents such as cover letters, resumes, school/university transcripts, and letters of reference via an application form.

Another option is to submit an unsolicited application. In this case, interested persons may submit their application documents even if there is no matching position advertised at the moment. These unsolicited applications will be reviewed by Human Resources and considered for future recruitment whenever the need arises.

If your resume matches the profile requirements of the posted job vacancy, you will first be invited to a brief get-to-know-you meeting with the supervisor and Human Resources (usually online). This is followed by a more in-depth, preferably face-to-face, meeting between all parties involved, ideally leading to an agreement to work together.

Here you can find our job offers

Onboarding Prozess

Have you successfully completed your application process? Congratulations!

But what’s next?

When you join the company, you will first be welcomed by your supervisor, your colleagues, and the Human Resources team. You will be given a detailed onboarding schedule for your first 6 weeks at the company. Your mentor and your supervisor will provide you with regular feedback. And there will be a more in-depth review after 100 days. In the first weeks and months, you will have the chance to get to know colleagues and teams at the various locations. Together with the respective competent persons, you will get acquainted with the work environment, the processes, and the systems.

We always have open doors and short communication channels. This makes it easier to get off to a good start.

Questions about the application?

Then contact our human resource manager: