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WIN meets voestalpine

18 April 2023 | 

The successful cooperation between voestalpine and Johannes Kepler University was celebrated in person again after a longer break due to the pandemic. On April 26, 2022, business informatics students visited voestalpine group-IT.

The main aim of the first joint event after the pandemic was to give the students an insight into the career opportunities in the IT environment at voestalpine - and hopefully win over a few future employees.

The event was organized and carried out by a planning team consisting of representatives from voestalpine group-IT, the Steel Division, and the university. In four slots, the participants could choose from two presentations each to get the best possible insight into the group's IT. The speakers reported on their entry into the professional life of voestalpine, their tasks in the IT environment, their own experiences, and recommendations. A total of around 40 students took part in the event.

Afterwards, speakers, organizers and students were able to talk and exchange ideas over snacks and drinks. Already at the end of the evening, there was good feedback on the event and also some positive feedback afterwards.