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Philipp: Career changer

28 March 2023 | 

"group-IT is a company that values and promotes the passion, commitment and determination of its employees. You get your own leeway to develop ideas and then implement them together as a team. Thanks to group-IT's openness to new employees, great opportunities open up, even for career changers like me."

I am a trained merchant wholesaler and accountant and have now been employed by voestalpine group-IT since February 2019. Before joining, I was self-employed in programming and therefore taught myself programming languages. Then, in a reorientation phase, I wanted to stop being self-employed and gain a foothold in a company. This was also the decisive point for my current job. When I finished my self-employment, one of my customers at the time drew my attention to voestalpine. That's how I finally came to group-IT. Ever since I was a child, I have been very enthusiastic about the whole group. The size and quality are simply trademarks for me. That's why I knew that group-IT was an incredible opportunity for me.

My first tasks were at the service desk, where I processed tickets and solved customer inquiries. After that, I became an area supervisor, and since 2020 I've been working in Monitoring & Distribution Solutions. Here, I am no longer responsible for just one area, but have to take several factors into account in order to get an overall picture. That's why I also have more responsibility in my current position. You just have to think outside the box to find the right ways to do things.

What I really like about my job is that my work is highly valued, because I invest a lot of energy in finding a solution even for unknown issues. I really enjoy solution-oriented work, there are always new and varied challenges, and I also have a lot of contact with people. I like that I can constantly expand my knowledge and create tools that have added value for the company. I even created a tool in my spare time, which was then implemented in the company. I also like to pass on the knowledge I have learned to apprentices and colleagues. My team has the motivation to always get better and to learn together. We therefore all complement each other very well.

For me, the biggest benefit is the openness of group-IT towards new employees. I am grateful for the opportunity to work here, even as a career changer, and I work every day to show that I am making effective use of the trust and the opportunity.

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