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Graffiti workshop Vienna

8 August 2023 | 

On July 27, 2023, an extraordinary event took place in Vienna: 30 employees, including managing director Rainer Jagoutz, took part in a graffiti workshop.

The reason for this creative idea was the renovation of the premises in the Gasometer in Vienna. The walls at the voestalpine group-IT office were still empty and needed to be individually designed.

The workshop took place in the adjacent Arena Wien. There, four large canvases were waiting to be artistically designed by the employees. At 30 degrees and sunshine, the participants were greeted with an ice cream – and then it started.

The workshop leaders explained a lot about the world of graffiti to the participants. The experts emphasize:

Graffiti is art and by no means pure vandalism. Vandalism developed later out of art.

To warm up, the employees were first allowed to try out different colors and spray attachments on a practice canvas. Later, the participants were divided into four teams and were able to start designing their canvases.

In addition to the spray cans in bright colors, there were also stencils with the voestalpine logo, a fist as a symbol of equality, and a casting kettle from the Steel Division.