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greentec steel

With our activities related to greentec steel, we are making a significant long-term contribution to achieving the climate goals. In a first step towards a sustainable steel production, we are planning to reduce our CO₂ emissions by up to 30% as early as 2027.

greentec steel: building progress above and below ground
At voestalpine, we are building bridges and tunnels as part of greentec steel, our program for the conversion to carbon-neutral steel production. The new 800 meter-long conveyor belt bridge that will also supply the electric arc furnace with raw materials from 2027 onwards was recently completed.
Donawitz: the team behind greentec steel
The entire project team is already caught up in the excitement of greentec steel, and not just in Linz. As part of Austria’s largest climate protection program and voestalpine’s most extensive investment project to date, a fresh, green steel wind is now also blowing at the site in Donawitz. It is a megaproject, one that […]