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Nelson the Giant: The journey continues
In May 2021, we first reported on voestalpine employee Sandy Gemmill and her heart project “Nelson the Giant“. Almost two and a half years later, she tells us where Nelson’s journey toward more empathy has taken him.
voestalpine cares run: Toghether we move the world!
On March 01, 2024, we were launching the international and Group-wide employee movement initiative voestalpine cares run for the second time – an initiative with which our employees can not only improve their own health, but also do good for people in need. Employees in all Group companies can collect points through various sporting activities […]

greentec steel

Donawitz: the team behind greentec steel
The entire project team is already caught up in the excitement of greentec steel, and not just in Linz. As part of Austria’s largest climate protection program and voestalpine’s most extensive investment project to date, a fresh, green steel wind is now also blowing at the site in Donawitz. It is a megaproject, one that […]
greentec steel: the people behind the megaproject
Austria’s largest climate protection program and the most extensive investment project in our company’s history: greentec steel. A project only made possible thanks to the people behind it. Read on to learn more about the members of the project team in Linz.
greentec steel: building progress above and below ground
At voestalpine, we are building bridges and tunnels as part of greentec steel, our program for the conversion to carbon-neutral steel production. The new 800 meter-long conveyor belt bridge that will also supply the electric arc furnace with raw materials from 2027 onwards was recently completed.
Process Manager Michaela drives voestalpine quality
At our Linz site, Michaela motivates the teams in the Strip business unit to deliver top quality. As a process manager for integrated management systems, she is responsible for quality and environmental management, occupational safety, and risk management in this field. In the image film #OurFavoriteThings, she praises the results of her work: top quality […]