Innovation and partnership

As a driver of development and provider of high-quality solutions in the field of e-mobility, voestalpine pursues a clear strategy: Innovation and partnership are the central parameters. From design to implementation, voestalpine is a highly reliable partner to developers and manufacturers of vehicles and automotive components.

Material and processing expertise

The basis for the high level of material and processing expertise at voestalpine is its leading expertise in the field of innovative steels for automotive lightweight design and electric cars. The specialized companies of voestalpine operate professional manufacturing facilities with highly flexible capacity for the most complex lightweight components of the highest quality.

New solutions and components  

Built on the foundation of its material and manufacturing expertise, voestalpine develops and provides innovative solutions that continually set new standards:

Global manufacturing partners

Our specialized companies manufacture a wide range of ready-to-install components for OEMs and suppliers worldwide—from welded blanks and exposed panel components to high-strength structural parts and complex modules.

An advancing partner in e-mobility and safety

voestalpine guarantees the following:

  • Material and processing expertise
  • Innovative components and solutions
  • Global networks and services
  • Partnership from design and engineering to implementation
  • Highest manufacturing quality
  • Flexible production system capacities