We base complex automotive designs on forward-looking solutions. As a long-standing and reliable partner to the automotive industry, voestalpine manufactures innovative products from design to prototype and from toolmaking to serial production. Each component, whether an individual part or a complex module, meets the safety and weight reduction requirements: Each innovative component makes a contribution to a brighter future.

  • innovative steels for weight reduction
  • expertise in cold and hot forming
  • leading expertise in crash-relevant components and modules
  • production of complex vehicle components

Leading in materials and technologies

At voestalpine, the further development of high-strength steels goes hand in hand with the development of innovative hot-forming technologies that couple highly effective forming processes with increased strength in corrosion-protected vehicles components. This is important, for example, in the design of safe battery boxes. The phs-ultraform®, phs-directform® and phs-rollform® technologies have made voestalpine a top supplier of complex vehicle components with outstanding performance.

Preferred manufacturing partners

The specialized Automotive Components companies of the voestalpine Group are your preferred manufacturing partners. They offer unrivaled expertise in the forming and joining of high-strength steels, but also with regard to other materials such as aluminum or hybrid design solutions.

Light weight and high strength

As shown in the examples, voestalpine combines the advantages of high-strength materials with weight-saving designs:

  • Instead of using bar steel, voestalpine uses innovative hollow shafts with at least the same strength to ensure considerable material and weight savings.
  • In the production of roll-formed, high-strength steel profiles, webs and contours are created to create complex profiles. In the case of battery boxes, multi-chamber profiles absorb high forces in the event of an impact.
  • flextric, the modular battery box system is based on high-strength steels and sets new standards in safety, optimized weight and optimum solutions for all BEV and PHEV designs.