voestalpine phs-rollform®

High-strength corrosion-resistant tailored-property tubes and sections

phs-rollform® is the solution for crash-relevant structural parts in lightweight automotive design where high corrosion protection is required.

The phs-rollform® process combines the advantages of roll forming and press hardening. Partially hardened tubes and sections are the result, and their high strength is limited precisely to where it is required. The cathodic zinc protection of the tubes and sections makes them uniquely corrosion-resistant. The voestalpine solution makes it possible to harden specific regions, an achievement that was not possible in conventionally produced sections made of cold-formed steels. phs-rollform® also enables the production of similar components in different lengths without additional tooling costs.

phs-rollform properties
phs-rollform properties
EN 10338 and/or EN 10346
VDA 239-100
voestalpine special grades 
--phs-rollform 2000
--phs-rollform 1500

Advantages of phs-rollform®

  • Tailored-property sections with cathodic corrosion protection
  • High-precision partial surface hardening in longitudinal and cross directions on tubes and sections
  • Previously unattained strength classes in lightweight automotive design
  • Efficient inline manufacturing from the coil to the section
  • Unconventional cross-sections, minimized wall thicknesses
  • High economic efficiency due to very short cycle times, high process stability and low scrap rates
  • Excellent crash performance

phs-rollform® in 154 seconds:

Solution patented by voestalpine

voestalpine has developed a patented rollform hardening process for the inline manufacturing of high-strength corrosion-resistant tailored-property sections. The starting point is a phs-rollform® steel: 22MnB5 or 30MnB5 with zinc-iron coating (galvannealed). For this purpose, the known rollform hardening technology was further developed and combined with the hot forming process. In the first step, profiling rollers bring the steel strip with zinc coating into the desired shape and, if necessary, the cross-section is embossed. 

Sample component made of phs-rollform

This is followed by heating to 900 °C, followed by rapid cooling. The surface is then reconditioned, or transport corrosion protection is applied. Laser perforation and 3D trimming or cutting is also possible. Variable component lengths can be produced with one tool set.

Production line for phs-rollform high-strength steel

In a compact process, a component is heated at certain points to a precisely defined temperature and then quench-hardened.