Products of the future for the next generation

Our innovative products are shaping the future of automotive design. We base complex automotive designs on forward-looking solutions. As a long-standing and reliable partner to the automotive industry, voestalpine manufactures innovative products from design to prototype and from toolmaking to serial production. Each component, whether an individual part or a complex module, meets the necessary safety and weight reduction requirements. This way, each innovative component makes a contribution to a brighter future.

Steel as a material of the future

Steel is ideal for safe, lightweight and economical electric vehicles. Easy-to-form high-strength steels and appropriate processing technologies such as those offered by the companies of the voestalpine Group open the door to solutions that are similar in weight to other materials, but also meet the highest safety standards. In addition, steel scores high in the environmental responsibility criterion, which is crucial to e-mobility. Steel is 100% recyclable. Throughout its entire life cycle, it is also the material with the lowest global warming potential. 

Driving the future of e-mobility

By relying on industry-leading material and processing expertise and placing a great deal of emphasis on research and development, voestalpine has helped shape the future of e-mobility. The voestalpine solutions for lightweight design, innovative components and automotive systems are very convincing with respect to excellent balance of weight, safety, functionality and economic efficiency.