The Site

The La Quinta Trade Gateway in San Patricio County is the home of voestalpine’s state-of-the-art direct reduction facility.

voestalpine examined a total of 17 sites in eight countries for this Project. In the end, the La Quinta Trade Gateway in San Patricio County just outside the city of Corpus Christi, Texas proved to be the best fit in terms of logistics, energy supply, a well-educated workforce, and the political environment. The site is strategically located on Corpus Christi Bay, covers an area of almost 500 acres (approx. 2 square kilometer), and has direct access to the shipping channel that connects the site to the Gulf of Mexico.

No adverse effects on communities and environment

The layout of the plant is designed with our neighboring communities and the environment in mind. The application of best available emission control technologies, the construction of berms and buffer zones and the creation of artificial shallow water habitats ensures that this state-of-the-art facility will have no adverse effect on neighboring communities, fauna and flora.

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