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Colleague AI - ask for support!

5 October 2021 | 

How can we support employees with digital means to optimize highly complex manufacturing processes? This is the question at voestalpine Wire Technology - and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides the answer.

Did you know that Artificial Intelligence Solutions composed new songs that sound like the Beatles and, so to say, completed Beethoven's "Unfinished Symphony"?

This computer science discipline also has enormous practical benefits in technology, and for this reason voestalpine Wire Technology has been working with "AI" for a while.

What does AI mean?

You have to imagine AI like a 'silent colleague' who helps and supports us.

Gerhard Neuhofer, Digitalization, voestalpine Wire Rod Austria

There is no way around AI - the possibilities in this area are almost endless.

Adrian Häuselmann, Digitalization, voestalpine Wire Rod Austria

The AI systems that are currently under development at voestalpine Wire Technology will support their colleagues by performing tasks that are beyond the ability of any human. AI makes it possible to combine data from a wide range of production areas, quickly identify problems and their causes, predict future performance, and optimize process settings. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of the production processes continuously.

AI enables a comprehensive consideration of complex topics, from which new findings and often hidden potentials can be recognized.

Werner Anderle, Digitalization, voestalpine Wire Rod Austria

Interpret light impulses

voestalpine Wire Technology is currently working on three AI projects, including an improved surface inspection in which the existing systems are more closely integrated and made "smarter" by using proactive systems and logics.

In the rolling line, quick and accurate artificial intelligence will interpret data from the line scan camera, which records and combines light pulses, to build a detailed picture of the wire rod surface. If required, the system can proactively alert colleagues at the control center about possible errors so they can react immediately. 

AI supports us in making better products.

Felix Zechling, Process Engineering, voestalpine Wire Rod Austria

In a second project, smart computers will prick up their (artificial) ears and monitor the acoustics on the rolling mill for possible faults. Finally, the third system will support the eddy current testing unit in a particularly demanding task. Overall, employees can look forward to helpful “AI colleagues” who will significantly increase quality.