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New field of application for Fine wire

14 March 2023 | 

Reed switches are binary non-contact sensors that have a very wide range of applications today.

What does the reed technology offer?

With the help of reed technology it is possible to switch an electrical signal without contact or to close a circuit with the help of a magnetic field. Due to the enclosed design, the use of reed switches is possible under all conceivable environmental conditions.

Examples for the use of reed switches:

  • Monitoring of brake fluid level
  • Monitoring of tire pressure
  • Safety monitoring of doors on household appliances

The principle is based on the use of two thin, flexible, ferromagnetic wires or sheets - the tongues - which are located a short distance apart in a tightly sealed glass bubble and perform the function of switching contacts.

A defined external magnetic field acts on the ferromagnetic switching contact - the reeds, which act as switches. The magnetic force required to move the tongue and close the contact is usually applied by a permanent magnet or a coil.

Several advantages combine in our special wires:


  • Groundbreaking wire solutions for the energy industry
  • From melt to wire, everything from a single source
  • Customized products that meet the highest demands
  • Constant and uniform microstructure and thus homogeneous electromagnetic properties
  • Environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art production facilities
  • Global presence with the necessary logistics and local distribution centers

Read more about our special wire for reed switches: here