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Innovative system solutions for most demanding requirements in turnout technology

Highest speeds, highest axle loads or shortest train intervals require complex and individual turnout system solutions. We set new standards in turnout technology in the past and will do so in the future. 


Turnout systems for all applications in railway

We design and manufacture vignol and grooved rail turnouts, crossovers, slips, diamond crossings and complete layouts, etc. in accordance with international standards or specific customer requirements - for any rail profile and gauge. In-house rail production supports tailor-made grades and profiles for high-performance track and turnout system solutions. Innovative point operating, locking and monitoring equipment, diagnostic systems for fixed infrastructure assets and rolling stock as well as manifold services complete the product portfolio.


Efficient turnouts for versatile demands in mixed traffic

We develop and produce system turnouts and diamond crossings, designed optimized switch devices, movable point frogs, manganese frogs, built-up crossings, (elastic) ribbed base-plates/roller systems and rail expansion joints according to international standards and special customer requirements. All our systems can be provided in virtually any rail profile, geometry and track gauge.


Sustainable turnout systems for metro systems, commuter railways and trams

We work hand in hand with our customers to develop concepts, which fulfill individual needs and circumstances to optimum effect. Our products are optimized in terms of life cycle costs. They promise maximum availability, reliability, ease of maintenance (robust design), as well as short installation, replacement and track possession times due to the use of preassembled parts, in addition to efficiency and durability.


Strong turnout system solutions for freight traffic

Extreme weather and environmental conditions such as snow or ice, desert sands or temperature fluctuations, axle loads of up to 40 metric tons have to be mastered, as well as long distances. Resistance is required. We therefore support our customers in a fiercely competitive sector, offering them our expertise and services to give them a decisive advantage in terms of their infrastructure – and so allowing them to remain fully focused on their core business. We have provided these solutions for many years across the globe.


Turnout technology for the fastest railways in the world

Different speeds up to 400 km/h for the main line and up to 200 km/h for the track line require tough demands. However, Vademsaş and voestalpine Railway Systems have presented safe and comfortable products thanks to the latest turnout technologies. We have a proven track record of developing innovative products and solutions suitable for the overloads encountered in the world of high speed railways.