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Drives, Lockings, Detection Systems and Signaling Solutions (DLD/S)


Maximize track availability. As a trendsetter in the fields of drive, locking, signaling, and monitoring technology, we are committed to helping you and ensuring your success. All our innovative products as well as system and service solutions are adapted to the respective needs of your company so that we can guarantee the highest level of quality and cost efficiency.

Our intelligent and sustainable complete concepts offer the highest levels of availability and reliability whilst guaranteeing maximum safety for passengers and goods being transported – all while keeping life cycle costs low. Sophisticated diagnostic and alarm systems effectively prevent unnecessary preventive maintenance and complete our comprehensive portfolio. Our extensive expertise allows us to identify new challenges promptly and to work with you to develop the ideal solutions.



DLD/S Products

Added value

  • Complete, customized solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs
  • One-stop shopping – intelligent turnout setting systems from one source
  • Low life-cycle costs due to the highest levels of efficiency, availability, reliability, maintainability and safety
  • Just-in-time delivery for a drastic reduction in installation costs and time
  • Optimization of the inspection and maintenance periods by using components which require virtually no maintenance
  • Maximization of track availability with the implementation of innovative diagnostic systems
  • Productive and cooperative partnership
  • More than 160 years of experience in the turnout technology industry