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VADEMSAŞ is a company which stands out with its engineering services in the railway sector of our country, has 150 years of Voestalpine railway experience behind.

Turnout construction has very important role in the railway infrastructure and it is designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Engineering Department designs turnouts according to customer requirements. As the world market leader, we have decades of experience and know-how for complete solution designs for all parts of turnouts.

VADEMSAŞ company continues to work with engineers who trained in our country at facilities in Çankırı and Ankara.

Engineering Team offers fast and high quality solutions with experience and knowledge. Our team has gained an important place not only in Turkey, also in European countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Romania, as well as in world countries such as Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Philippines with railway turnout designs.

Engineering Team works with wooden sleepers, concrete sleepers and slab track turnouts for HSL, metro, tram and conventional lines, warehouse and industrial lines by designing from scratch or by integrating customer requirements into existing designs. Engineering Team also offers high quality and cost-effective solutions on turnouts with wooden sleeper, concrete sleeper and slab track with pre-sales and after-sales support.