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Environment, Safety & Health

With the factory in Zeltweg as CO2 neutral steel processing plant voestalpine VAE is a pioneer when it comes to responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly company policy.

VADEMSAŞ has taken measures to continuously improve environmental standards. For this reason, VADEMSAŞ is accepted as an international benchmark for scissor technology in relation to environmental protection.

Our main goals are:

  • Continuous improvement of energy and raw material efficiency,
  • Improved facilities in relation to health, safety and environment,
  • Development and improvement of environmentally friendly products related to ecology, life cycle and protection of natural resources,
  • Preventing, reducing and ensuring high-grade recycling of wastes generated during production,
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management system,

Health Safety & Environment (HSE)

Health Safety & Environment (HSE)

VADEMSAŞ always attaches importance to environmental protection, health and safety. The well-being of our employees is a priority for us. Environmental preventive measures should be taken to keep people healthy, to prevent the negative effects of the environment on people and to prevent accidents. It actively promotes environmental protection through group rules that must be followed by VADEMSAŞ.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management takes place in VADEMSAŞ in 3 stages:

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and customer:

It is extremely important for us that our products are safe and environmentally friendly during operation and use. In addition, our company's installation and maintenance instructions ensure that the safety of the personnel is guaranteed.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and affiliates:

There are Group rules for the units within our company. The main document is the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Guidebook, which provides information and recommendations, as well as the mandatory requirements for all organizations (voestalpine standards). The continuous development of the members of our group is very important for our company and is followed regularly.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) within the VAE:

In addition to the code of conduct regarding the environment, health and safety of its personnel, our company offers trainings on various aspects of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in order to inform and motivate its employees. These trainings include the use of personal safety equipment as well as health classes (such as correct sitting, back and spine gymnastics) and safety training (such as safety on the railway, travel safety).

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