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As VADEMSAŞ, we carry out our logistics activities by combining international rules and regulations with customer needs.

We supply the raw materials and parts of the products as close as possible to the production date in order to contribute to the service life of the product and prepare them for delivery in accordance with the FI-FO principle.

We pack the parts, taking into account the transportation process and the field and storage conditions at the destination point in mutual communication with our Customer.

During the preparation of orders, we require at least one person from our customer's team to be with us at our factory and control the counting & packing of materials. Our client's team takes a close look at how the materials are packed and how many of each material is in each box. In this way, they can carry out material distribution in the field more effectively.

Thanks to our direct connection to the national railway network, wagons can enter our factory site directly. We are able to make transportion by railway to the final destination without having transfer from truck or TIR to wagons by rail. Our customers have the chance to save on freight costs, as the railway allows higher volumes of transportation. We also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by using wagons instead of trucks.

We also offer our customers the chance to receive pre-assembled turnouts. We load fully functional turnout parts (switch device area, crossing area, intermediate rails area) on TILT wagons and ship them directly to laying area. Turnouts can only be produced in the assembly quality that can be obtained in the factory environment. Since the turnout parts are ready for immediate assembly in the field, the laying time is minimized. In this way, both the installation costs and the time that the line closing periods are reduced.

Plug and play - just in time.

The advantages are:

  • Higher track availability through short track closures and consequently, reduced time and cost requirements.
  • Positive influence of system turnouts on “first installation quality” and life-cycle costs - the turnout components are pre-assembled in the factory and are installed in the track in this quality condition.