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The magic connection

VAwizard® is the connection of choice for deviated multi-fractured horizontal wells, when lowest hoop stress combined with highest yield torque is required, while tension and compression strengths equal those of the pipe body.  

  •  The connection performance is fit for purpose tested for this area of applications.

  • VAwizard® is available in API standard and proprietary grades.

  • Also tailor-made customer specifications can be fulfilled upon request.

Product characteristics & customer benefits

Lowest hoop stress & highest yield torque 

Ensures well integrity

  • With its low hoop stress combined with high torque transfer, VAwizard® is the connection of choice for deviated multi-fractured horizontal wells.


Minimized risk of jump-out

Avoids failures under bending loads

  • The connection design minimizes the risk of jump out failures under bending loads.


Interchangeable with VAroughneck® & API Buttress

Saves costs

  • VAwizard® is fully interchangeable with API Buttress without using a crossover. It is also partially interchangeable with voestalpine Tubulars' VAroughneck® connection, allowing greater flexibility in string design.


Rotation during installation

Improves the quality of the cemet bond

  • The thread design offers the opportunity to rotate the casing string during installation. Due to the thread profile, the connection is able to handle axial loads without inducing high radial forces to pin and box.