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More than ready to face the extremes

VAsuperior®-ET combines the product characteristics of VAsuperior with enhanced torque capability. 

  • Gas tight proprietary thread connection
  • Metal to metal seal
  • Internal shoulder
  • Smooth internal profile
  • Improved protection against transport/hanlding/installation damages
  • Enhanced torque capability

Product characteristics

Metal to metal steel

Ensures well integrity 

  • The robust metal to metal seal design ensures gas tightness under combined loads.


Protective design

Prevents you from unexpected costs

  • The distance from the pin face provides protection against transport, handling and installation damages. The recess before and after the seal area is a lubricant reservoir where excess thread compound is forced to prevent a pressure build up due to trapped and compressed thread compound.


Fast & easy make-up

Saves running time

  • The thread design allows easy and fast make-up in the most severe conditions.


Smooth internal profile

Minimizes turbulences

  • The flush internal profile minimizes turbulences and provides good conditions for internal pipe coating.


Enhanced torque capability

Ensures the connection is not the limitation

  • The connection has been physically validated to demonstrate structural integrity even during scenarios where enhanced yield torque capability is needed.