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Customized for rotating operations

VAroughneck® is a premium thread connection designed for rotated strings. voestalpine Tubulars Proprietary Connections like VAroughneck® offer benefits which are not addressed by the API specification or exceed the API standards


  • The thread connection for:
    • rotated strings and
    • extended-reach wells
  • Enhanced torque casing connection
  • Drilling with Casing

Strengths of VAroughneck®

  • At least twice the torque transfer compared to API connections.
  • Compatible with API Buttress  if spacer ring is added.
  • Suitable for tough field applications.
  • Offers the opportunity to rotate the casing string during installation.
  • Rotating during cementing leads to improved quality of the cement bond.
  • Tension and compression rating 100% of the pipe body.
  • Controlled stress distribution proven by FEA.

Product characteristics & customer benefits

Strong Connection

Ensures well integrity

  • The connection minimizes the risk of jump out failures under bending loads. In addition, with at least twice the torque transfer compared to API connections, VAroughneck® is suitable for deviated wells, drilling with casing operations or the completion of extended reach wells.


Rotation during installation

Improves quality of cement bond

  • The thread design offers the opportunity to rotate the casing string during installation. Due to the thread profile, the connection is able to handle axial loads without inducing high radial forces to pin and box.


Smooth internal profile

Minimizes turbulences

  •  The flush internal profile minimizes turbulences and provides good conditions for internal pipe coating.


Compatibility with API Buttress

Saves costs

  • With the VAroughneck® thread design, the make-up is limited by pin-to-pin contact. VAroughneck® and API Buttress can be made-up together without using a crossover. If specific parts of the string require higher torque properties, they can be achieved by installing a spacer ring to occupy the J-Distance or by applying a thread locking compound, such as Bakerlok® or Tube-Lok.