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VAroughneck® is a premium thread connection designed for rotated strings.

  • The thread connection for rotated strings
  • Enhanced torque casing connection
  • Joint development with one of our customers
  • Compatible with API BC if spacer ring is added


In order to achieve high torque transfer through the connection, the make-up distance has to be limited. In addition to the minimal risk of thread jump-out under bending loads, VAroughneck® has the following advantages.


  • With the VAroughneck® thread design, the make-up is limited by pin-to-pin contact.
  • At least twice the torque capability of API Buttress.
  • Controlled stress distribution proven by FEA.

Strengths of VAroughneck®

  • At least twice the torque transfer compared to API connections.
  • Compatible with API Buttress.
  • Suitable for tough field applications.
  • Offers the opportunity to rotate the casing string during installation.
  • Rotating during cementing leads to improved quality of the cement bond.
  • Tension and compression rating 100% of the pipe body.

VAroughneck® - designed for the following applications

  • Deviated wells
  • Completion of extended-reach wells
  • Drilling with casing