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#preparedfortheworldafter with Hydrogen Solutions

6 September 2022 | 

Discover the customized solutions for hydrogen applications!

Benefit from our hydrogen-tight threaded connection VAhyper

Smart solutions for smart industries. For your hydrogen transport application, we recommend our new threaded connection VAhyper:

  • Tested for hydrogen tightness
  • Connection successfully tested up to 10,150 psi (700 bar)
  • Already in use in Europe

After we informed you in the last hydrogen article about what hydrogen actually is and how it is produced, now there is the resolution of what we as a steel pipe manufacturer have to do with hydrogen.

In short: we have developed a new product - VAhyper!

This is a hydrogen-tight threaded connection.

Thanks to our excellent team, we are able to quickly develop new products for our customers. Thus we are always close to the pulse of time. Always according to the motto


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