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Hydrogen as a guide to sustainability

17 August 2022 | 

The aim is to align and adapt all activities to sustainability. The smallest element in the universe, hydrogen, is to help with this.

Where is the smallest element of the universe hiding?



On earth, the colorless and odorless gas occurs almost exclusively in bound form.



In other words, it can be obtained from fossil raw materials such as natural gas or crude oil. Hydrogen is even contained in more than half of all known minerals and can be an important building block on the road to sustainability.

The production of hydrogen - a science of its own

CO2-free is the ultimate goal.

Hydrogen can be produced in a climate-neutral way through electrolysis. Electricity from renewable sources such as wind or solar energy is used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. After completion of this process, the hydrogen is in a gaseous state and can be fed into the existing gas infrastructure and even stored.

And what exactly do we have to do with hydrogen?


Now that we have informed you about what hydrogen actually is and how it is produced, here is the resolution of what we as a steel pipe manufacturer have to do with hydrogen.

In short: we have developed a new product - VAhyper!

This is a hydrogen-tight threaded connection.

The photo shows VAhyper as an exhibit at TUBE 2022 in Düsseldorf. Thanks to our excellent team, we are able to quickly develop new products for our customers. Thus, we are always close to the pulse of time. Always according to the motto "ONE STEP AHEAD".

Storing green hydrogen

Often, so much renewable energy is produced that cannot be fed into the power grid at the immediate moment.

In order not to lose the energy produced, it is possible to store the green hydrogen and then transport it to the consumers. Thus, nothing stands in the way of climate-neutral heat and power generation in industry and the transport sector.