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#preparedfortheworldafter with VAwizard®

12 April 2021 | 

#preparedfortheworldafter with VAwizard® - the magic connection

Together we succeed...

... with the magic connection for deviated multi-fractured horizontal wells - combining lowest hoop stress with highest yield torque! 

It's kind of magic! - Isn't it?

It seems like magic, but our latest product VAwizard® allows even more flexibility in string design than any other product before.

What makes the difference of our VAwizard® threaded connection? Let's have a look at the product characteristics!

Lowest hoop stress & highest yield torque
» Ensures well integrity

Minimized risk of jump-out
» Avoids failures under bending loads

Interchangeable with VAroughneck® & API Buttress
» Saves costs

Rotation during installation
» Improves the quality of the cement bond

More information?

  • Visit the product page,
  • contact the contact person for your region
  • or download the free myTubulars on your mobile device!