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#preparedfortheworldafter with DryTec®

22 March 2021 | 

#preparedfortheworldafter with DryTec® - because future matters!

Together we succeed...

... with our optimal dope-free solution for premium connections!

Explore the advantages

Ready to install

  • Saves preparation and installation time

 Lubricant free

  • Eliminates the risk of well contamination & increases safety on-site

 Environmentally friendly

  • Saves water & protects the aquifer

 Corrosion protection during transport & storage

  •  Prevents you from unexpected costs


Our most wanted combinations:

  • VAGT-DryTec®
  • VAsuperior-DryTec®

More information?

  • Get in touch with our team
  • or check out the free myTubulars app